Smart ManHole Tamper Detection Solution

This is an end-to-end solution that ensures security and effective management of manhole. Our Solution helps in solving the following challenges of manhole covers

  • Loss of life due to missing manhole covers
  • Personal injury due to falling into an open manhole
  • Vehicle damage due to driving over an open manhole
  • Detecting unauthorised access that could result in theft of service infrastructure like cables

  • Overflowing drainage mainly due to foreign object being thrown into open manhole
  • Unnecessary expenditure to replace stolen manhole covers
  • Legal liability and reputational damage
  • Network downtime affecting business and loss of revenue implications


  • IoT Sensors
  • Work with LPWAN – Sigfox and LoRa network
  • The sensor work at both steel and plastic manhole covers
  • Like LPWAN sensor, has long battery life
  • Monitoring of manhole movement from NOC
  • Operator to be alerted when manhole is opened via a dashboard


  • Real time notification of manhole access
  • Ability to easily detect theft and vandalisation
  • Visibility of open and damaged manhole cover
  • Optional SMS or email alert
  • Robust waterproof (IP67)
  • Up-to 10 years battery life