Other Emerging Solutions


Devices attached to or inside the human body

Devices (wearable and ingestibles) to monitor and maintain human health and wellness; disease management, increases fitness, higher productivity and security


Building where people live

Home controllers and security systems


Spaces where consumers engage in commerce

Stores, banks, restaurants, arenas – anywhere consumers consider and buy; self – checkout, in-store offers, inventory optimization and location-based services


Spaces where knowledge workers work

Energy management and security in office buildings; improved productivity, including for mobile employees


Standardized production environment

Places with repetitive work routines, including hospitals and farms; operating efficiencies, optimizing equipment use and inventory


Custom production environments

Mining, oil and gas, construction; operating efficiencies, predictive maintenance, health and safety


Systems inside moving vehicles

Vehicles including cars, trucks, ships, aircraft and trains; condition-based maintenance, location /usage-based insurance, pre-sales analytics


Urban environments

Public spaces and infrastructure in urban settings; adaptive traffic control, smart meters, environmental monitoring, resource management


Between urban environments (and outside other settings)

Outside uses include railroad tracks, autonomous vehicles (outside urban locations) and flight navigation; real-time routing, connected navigation, shipment tracking