Smart Homes

We are happy to adapt to your lifestyle by designing spaces that fit your needs. We create smart homes with easy-to-use IoT based technology guaranteeing your safety, energy efficiency and maximum comfort. A smart Home is just as comfortable as your conventional house except that you now have an intuitive and simple interactions powered by technology; allowing you to enjoy the remote control and interact with your Smart Home in or out, near or far.

Interact with your home in a more comfortable and safer way

The App helps you to safely control all the available features of your home. The most important functions always at hand. It offers an overview of lighting, temperature and security. And if you are away from home, be notified of everything that happens wherever you are. Make your life easier.

Make closure of the blinds of your home from any place and at any time. Activate the “movie” scene and make the blinds go down on their own and allowing you to enjoy an evening of movie theater. Lower the blind of a room when the sun entering so strong that it will raise the interior temperature.

Enter your home with a pleasant temperature while saving energy costs. Imagine you are able to measure the level of CO2 in your home and be informed so you can do something about it. Turn on the Air Conditioner 2hours before arriving at your house from your mobile phone.