Tracknet IN-Car WIFI is an internet connection unit that provides Wi-Fi hotspot in your vehicle and let your passenger browse the web, play games, watch movies and much more

Benefits of having WI-FI in my vehicle

  • Our In-Car Wi-Fi units turns your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot with fast, reliable internet access even when you are far from home and away from office.
  • Each passenger can browse, stream, send and receive email from their device.
  • The Wi-Fi signal is strong that it works in and out of your vehicle

How do I get data plan for the unit?

We provide monthly data plan at a cost for the unit (quotation on request)

How do I get the Unit in my vehicle?

Our trained installer will install the unit in your car

Does my car WiFi keep working when I shut off my vehicle?

Powering your vehicle also starts up your In-car Wi-Fi. The connection would stay active while driving and for few minutes after you turn off you vehicle engine.