Revolutionizing the Oil & Gas Industry with Internet of Things (IoT). Our solutions ranges from Fleet and Asset Management, to maintenance, pipeline monitoring, Safety and security management.

Our Solutions Smart Sensor Benefits:

  • Enable advance maintenance strategies
  • Automate manual task - less manual inspection Optimise asset utilization

Pipeline Monitoring

LPWAN digital oil field solution is powered by Low-Power Wide-Area Network (Sigfox or LoRa), it allows secure monitoring of pipeline issues: corrosions, leakages, de-bonding. This is achieved with the deployment of ultrasonic and acoustic sensor ( sound waves on crack initiation & growth and delamination) and magnetic sensor (pipeline wall thickness). With Customer-proven longer battery life, full-featured value, and guaranteed decades of network longevity.

The remote Terminal Units and wireless pressure and temperature transmitters with encrypted data transmission, control power consumption, perform over-the-air (OTA) parameterization and updates and conduct scheduled and alarm reporting, suitable for flow-stations, manifolds, and at wellheads monitoring with two-way connection back to the control centre, providing the reliable stream of data from the field such as pipeline pressure, temperature and flow.