Customer Applications

Our insurance dashboard allow you to view the Top 10% of your base and the Bottom 10% of your base. 

Using regression models and machine learning to model vehicle battery life. This will allow Netstar to predict battery failure within a certain margin of error.

  • View Trips
  • Manage driver scores
  • Manage family safety
  • Trip log book & reports


Insurance Company Benefits

  • Driver Scorecard
  • Monitoring Driver Behavior of clients – Adjust Premiums
  • Early Fraud Detection
  • Faster Claims verification and Processing
  • Better insights / understanding on the Client Short term portfolios
  • Improve Loss Ration
  • Future Planning / business modeling based on Driver Behavior Trends
  • Prevention of “staged” Accident Payouts
  • Incentivize Good drivers based on Stats / Driver Score Card–tailor premiums
  • Create a better Driver – lowering loss ratios

Client Benefits

  • Possible discounts on Insurance Premiums
  • Faster Claims Processing
  • Improved Risk Profile
  • Improved Economical Driving
  • Geo Fence Areas