Yes. A back-up battery is installed in the vehicle. It will last up to eight hours, allowing plenty of time for recovery.

No. M2M-Nigeria will safe you probably much more money than it will cost you.

1.  Subscribers can sell the unit with the vehicle and inform M2M of the new owner’s details. One calendar month’s written notice is required. Arrangements will then be made with the new owner to open an account.
2.  Alternatively, contact an M2M Nigeria Fitment Centre to have the unit de-installed from the old vehicle and reinstalled in the new vehicle at a reasonable cost.
3.  Subcribers qualify for a number of special upgrade offers when purchasing a new vehicle.
4.  For further information or queries please contact M2M-Nigeria on +234 906 262 4990

Subscribers are advised to take advantage of five free tests offered each year, and to ensure that the back-up battery in the unit is replaced every two years. Also, should a subscriber’s vehicle be involved in a collision and requires panel-beating, or has had a major service or engine repairs, M2M Nigeria recommends a test of the unit to be sure that it is still working correctly.

Yes. A tracking unit will be tested at the time of installation. Thereafter, subscribers can arrange to have the unit tested twice yearly, free of charge, through M2M Nigeria’s Product Wellness Centre – Call +234 906 262 4990

Absolutely. M2M-Nigeria requires no up-front investment in servers or software. Our service is equally cost-effective for one vehicle or more! Suitability depends on purpose, not on price.