Transformer Monitoring

The remote monitoring of Transformer for effective and efficient operational and preventative maintenance. Our solution is End-to-End monitoring the performance of the transformer, using Sensor collecting data sets on energy variables, oil temperature etc. Our solution is Based on IoT LPWAN technology. It Reduces failure, downtime and associated monetary and non-monetary losses. Scalable and quick to deploy while having highest levels of system security and compliance


Solution Features

  • IoT Sensor
  • Work with LPWAN LoRa network
  • Like LPWAN sensor, has long battery life
  • True Location
  • Application monitoring of transformer performance from NOC
  • Operator to be alerted to early warning issues


  • Real time monitoring and notification alerts
  • Ability to easily detect faults and abnormaility
  • Optional SMS or email alert
  • Robust waterproof (IP67)
  • Up-to 10 years battery life