TeleEye - Total video surveillance

The TeleEye solution for MTN is a comprehensive remote video alarm verification and video management system designed to provide sophisticated BS8418:2003 compliant video alarm verification for the protection and remote management of BTS sites.

TeleEye Video Recording Servers , CCTV Camera’s , outdoor detectors, audio equipment and deterrents are installed at the BTS site to provide a reliable solution that detects intruders, connects back to a Video Central Monitoring Station on event basis and allows a remote operator to receive live images from the site, verify the threat and then deter the threat by means of an audio challenge feature via PA system as well as secondary measures by remotely activating a high pressure pepper spray system with spray nozzles located around the BTS container and mast area.

The primary communication from the sites to the MTN control room takes place over existing E1 data links and a failover communication measure is in place via a USB GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA data modem with APN simcard connected to the system. The TeleEye revolutionary SMAC-M multi-stream codec allows for 4 independently controlled remote data streams ensuring remote viewers using different communication mediums, access to DVD quality video at fast remote frame rates without the risk of exceeding the allowed allocated bandwidth.

Remote video response centre (RVRC) operators, management, radio technicians and security personnel are able to concurrently connect to the BTS sites live for management purposes from their workstations, laptops and GPRS enabled mobile phones. The TeleEye advanced security mode ensures all remote users only have access to their pre determined views, recordings, event logs, switches and settings.

The system features additional devices that add management and security functionality such as an intercom station placed inside the BTS container for 2 way communication to the control room operators. If generators are located at the BTS site, with the addition of electronic fuel sensors or PLC’s connected to video text overlay devices, the RVRC operator can instantly verify delivery of fuel to the storage tank and view the digital readout of fuel level on the camera image, eliminating the problem of under delivery of fuel during scheduled deliveries.

The sophisticated BS8418 alarm management system allows the site to be armed or disarmed on a scheduled basis, directly from the control room administrator or via keypad at the site. This allows the administrator to eliminate nuisance and false alarms whilst maintenance takes place at the sites. With the ability to zone areas as 24 hour or Fire zones, critical areas such as generators, fuel storage , batteries , air conditioners, power fail sensors and other detectors and sensors placed in areas where permanent monitoring is required, assures that the RVRC still receives these alarm events even whilst the site is disarmed.

TeleEye RX504 Video Recording Server located in a secure cabinet inside the BTS container. TeleEye High Speed Dome Camera located on the mast providing 360 degree horizontal x 90 Degree vertical views from the tower.
A FLIR thermal camera located on the mast providing thermal images of the BTS area below including area surrounding the perimeter under zero visibility conditions.
2 x TeleEye Vandal Resistant, Infra-red Ultra High Resolution 3-Axiz Mount Mini Dome Camera’s mounted on the BTS container providing facial and general views of the base of the mast , BTS outdoor area , Feeder and Earth Cables, Air Conditioning equipment and BTS door.

45 Watt PA Amplifier located in the secure cabinet in the BTS. 25 Watt Outdoor Plastic Speaker Horn located on the mast. Intercom station with surface mount housing located inside the BTS container with call button to alert the operator.

1 or 2 (depending on site layout) High Pressure 2Kg Pepper Spray systems with directional nozzles located around the outdoor BTS area within the BTS perimeter fence or wall.

The RVRC is equipped with TeleEye CMS V.3 BS8418 Central Monitoring Station Software and TeleEye WX-M16 Multi Site monitoring software.
The TeleEye CMS allows for the addition of a redundant back-up server in the case of primary server failure. The CMS includes features such as Multi Layer Interactive site maps, Alarm event images, Customer and Site database, Full Screen Display, Programmable operator user rights, Full traceability and logging and reference images of camera locations.