Active Guard - Activity Monitoring Solution

ActiveGuard is an innovative solution for supervising work time and routing in real time. It offers two-way voice communication via the cellular network, as well as data monitoring from a remote control room PC, via the Internet.

The ActiveGuard system makes use of RFID tags at checkpoints along the route which are read by the ActiveGuard handset carried by the personnel. The handset then communicates the identity and location information to the control room using the GSM/GPRS network. Personnel can also initiate communication with the control room or hit the panic button in an emergency.

The control room PC software provides a real-time graphical view of the activities, with exceptions flagged on the screen for instant follow up. Information is stored and can be used for time and attendance purposes.

ActiveGuard is a reliable, low-cost, high security solution that is easy to implement and offers a high level of safety for employees, and a high level of control for management.

Save On:

  • Administrative time - automatic report delivery process
  • Non-productive time - focus on the exceptions
  • Cost of travel - get the information remotely
  • Unnecessary overtime pay - time & attendance tracking
  • Rising cost of liability insurance - audit Trail


  • Delivering better service quality
  • Having better insight into your operations
  • Resolving problems in a timely fashion
  • Using leading-edge technology to manage and control your security officer operations

  • Reduces cost of activity supervision
  • Increases safety of personnel
  • Increases level of control
  • Low maintenance
  • Doc yard tank levels
  • Easy to implement

Although originally designed for the security market, functionality can be used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Supervising guards
  • Supervising guards
  • Supervising service providers eg. vending, photocopying.
  • Supervising scheduled maintenance technicians, cleaning services etc
  • Supervising drivers
  • Warehouse systems (identification)
  • Supervising personnel work time and place
  • Airport protection and supervising its workers
  • Hotel protection and supervising its workers
  • Protection of other public institutions

Handset Carried by Personnel

  • PANIC button for immediate alert to control room in case of emergency
  • SCAN button to scan the closest RFID chip and communicate location back to control room
  • CALL ME button to send an SMS to the control room to request a call back
  • GSM/GPRScommunication for low cost real time events data transmission
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Handset is programmed to answer calls only from defined phone numbers
  • Handset can only contact control room ie. No calls to private numbers
  • Events registration (RFID reader and events memory)
  • Buffer memory for 128 incidents
  • High data security -DESencryption
  • IP67 certified for maximum robustness
  • Modern and economic design

RFID Tags at Checkpoints

  • 125kHz RFID tags can be surface mounted or placed beneath plaster

Control Room Monitoring

  • Real-time web-based monitoring on control roomPC
  • Graphic route representation
  • Indicates present personnel location, in real time
  • Time gates for control points, and exceptions are flagged
  • Functional database assigned to monitored locations
  • Phone calls andSMSfrom software level
  • Intuitive event handling
  • Remote handset configuration
  • Anti-sabotage mechanisms
  • Handset can be used by many different personnel
  • High system test frequency
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Time and attendance reports can be prepared