M2M Telemetry

Communication products for remote machine, device or equipment. M2M telemetry solutions allows the end user to monitor the state of an object or environment while physically far removed from it.

Water and Gas Metering Solution

M2M-Nigeria can provide a solution that would streamline the communications process and alleviate hundreds of meters transmitting data from properties to Service providers. The solution will able to collect gas and water data from meters and send all of the data back to the company for analytics and billing purposes.

Energy - Electricity Grid Solution

M2M-Nigeria has solution that can support major energy provider being able to slash blackout times and dramatically improve safety within their network. The solution allows for remote monitoring and the ability to accurately identify line faults in the network, sending reports back to the control room within 20 seconds – reducing the need for service men to try and locate faults during blackouts and during challenging weather conditions, thus improving response times.

Irrigation Solutions

M2M-Nigeria can provide m2m communications to enable the monitoring of irrigations applications in real time, monitor the diagnostics of the overall system. Program and access control switches to sprinkler systems. The solution provides the communications required in order to remotely program the irrigation systems.

Agriculture - livestock Management

This livestock management solution assists farmers in understanding the health and wellbeing of livestock through real-time monitoring. This allows farmers to assess and manage their their livestocks by being able to identify herd bench mark, optimize breeding program and catch animal health issues early. The solution includes each animal is tagged with an RFID tag allowing the animals to be tracked, weighed and assessed – based on frequency, length of feed and the weight of the animal at each assessment.